Leather ZD THONG 50001 Lanyard (E.50001.ZD)

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Main material: eco leather (PU)
Material (additional information): leather, silver 925
Dimensions (length x width x height): 450 mm
Main color [C1]: black, brown
Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces (less order quantity on inquiry)
Availability: made to order
Estimated date of order completion: from 11 to 15 business days
(Country of origin) and ID: (PL) Z.Rzemien

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This product is available for orders of:

  • ZD Pendrive (selected models)

This product is not available for orders of:

  • ER CLASSIC Pendrive (all models)
  • ER TWIST Pendrive (all models)
  • ER SWING Pendrive (all models)
  • ER SLIDER Pendrive (all models)
  • ER TANGO Pendrive (all models)
  • ER CLICK Pendrive (all models)
  • ER CARD Pendrive (all models)
  • ER BRACELET Pendrive (all models)
  • ER LANYARD Pendrive (all models)
  • ER KEY Pendrive (all models)
  • ER OPENER Pendrive (all models)
  • ER CLIP Pendrive (all models)
  • ER PEN Pendrive (all models)
  • ER SLIM Pendrive (all models)
  • GOODRAM Pendrive (all models)
  • TOSHIBA Pendrive (all models)


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Leather ZD THONG 50001 Lanyard (E.50001.ZD)

Leather ZD THONG 50001 Lanyard (E.50001.ZD)

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