Plastic ER CLASSIC CC0M23P BT Wireless Speaker (S.CC0M23P.BT)


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Data sheet

Price: on inquiry
Interface: Bluetooth 4.x
Battery capacity: Li-pol 400mAh
Work parameters: 3W
Main material: plastic
Dimensions (length x width x height): 41 x 41 x 46 mm
Main color [C1]: black
Marking - engraving (additional information): logo podświetlane
Additional information: registered design
Package: paper prepackage, bulk packaging
Accessories: Micro USB cable
Warranty: 12 months
Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces (50 pieces on inquiry)
Availability: made to order
Estimated date of order completion: from 11 to 15 business days
CN and TARIC codes: 8518 21 00 00
(Country of origin) and ID: (CN) U.M23P


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Plastic ER CLASSIC CC0M23P BT Wireless Speaker (S.CC0M23P.BT)

Plastic ER CLASSIC CC0M23P BT Wireless Speaker (S.CC0M23P.BT)


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