Video Brochures categorized by cover format.

Video Brochures - Devices


  • Card

    Business card shape video brochures.

  • A6

    Video brochures in A6 format.

  • A5

    Advertising video brochures in A5 format.

  • A4

    Advertising video brochures in A4 format.

  • Unusual shape

    Video Brochures with non-standard dimensions and shapes.

  • Mini

    Video Brochures with small dimensions.

    Compact multimedia video brochures is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a small solution to promote their offer, offering great opportunities.

  • Premium

    Premium Video Brochures.

  • Paper

    Promotional Video Brochures with covers made of paper and cardboard.

    Cardboard is a thick paper material that can be almost freely printed and shaped. Ideally suited for the production of video brochures.

  • Other materials

    Advertising Video Brochures made of non-standard materials.

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